Economic Development Features

A Farm Family Portrait

The Williams dairy farm is forward-looking, technologically sophisticated, micro-managed and consistently profitable. Such success is increasingly rare, as soaring land values and production costs are putting the necessary economies of scale well beyond reach of the average farmer.

Trading Partners

Georgia ranks 11th among states in exports, sending $19.6 billion worth of goods throughout the Western Hemisphere and beyond. State officials say companies that export create and retain twice as many jobs as domestic-market companies. One advocate says international trade is simply the state's future.

Growing Pains

By 2030 Metro Atlanta will be home to 6 million residents. Can the region offset surging population and challenges to its infrastructure? Members of a blue-ribbon task force say it's possible for things to get better instead of worse. But it will require political will and political leadership.

A Sense of Community

All Cities of Excellence share at least a few common traits: fiscal stability, strong leadership, citizen participation, cultural and recreational opportunities. These are the pluses that allow upscale, ritzy Alpharetta and rural, laid-back Baxley to appear on the same list. But it also helps if a city has that one intangible quality, an all-important sixth sense.