From the Publisher: Tourism?

April is our biggest issue, a testament to Georgia’s superlative reputation for doing business as it includes our annual Economic Yearbook. It features a dizzying amount of economic development throughout the state and the challenges and opportunities swirling around these…

Business Casual: Keep Them Safe

Twenty years ago this month, the meaning of “school safety” changed forever the day that two troubled Colorado high school seniors killed 13 people and injured 23 more at Columbine High School in Littleton, a Denver suburb, then took their…

At Issue: Runoffs: A Relic

Only eight states in the country, Georgia being one of them, require a runoff election in any party primary if one candidate does not receive a majority. Two other states require primary runoffs in limited situations. But only one state…

At Issue: Affording College

One of the keys to Georgia’s future will be how successful we are in assuring broad access to high-quality college education. We are one of many states facing a mounting challenge of controlling costs at public institutions while maintaining, actually…

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