Georgia Trend - May 2006

Political RoundUp: May 2006

Thinking outside the box: During the recently completed General Assembly session, Rep. Carl Rogers (R-Gainesville) came up with an innovative way to help out a bill that would have rolled back environmental protections on Georgia's waterways. Although the bill was…

Chattahoochee Hill Country Alliance

With all the assets North Georgia and Metro Atlanta possess - a healthy economy, a mild climate and ample space for development unencumbered by mountains, rivers or oceans - Stacy Patton says she's well aware that the flood of new residents into the state over the past several years is only going to continue.

LINKing with Miami

The ARC's eighth annual LINK trip gave leaders a chance to visit Miami and South Florida, which saw the same growth in the ethnic population in the 1990s that Atlanta and other parts of Georgia are now experiencing.

Decor and Decorum

The best office I ever had was a small architectural jewel with a real fireplace; but it was physically removed from the people I needed easy access to and often eerily quiet. It should have been a great place to get work done, but it wasn't. It was just too isolated.

Savannah: Powering Up

When Savannah aircraft maker Gulfstream announced a major expansion last March, it seemed to underscore the success of leaders in this oak-shaded coastal colonial city in widening an economic base that has long relied on the charm of its historic squares and the muscle of its shipping commerce.