Author: Vincent Coppola

Power Player

John Rice, CEO of Atlanta-based GE Infrastructure, has brought a deep corporate and personal commitment to his adopted hometown. He’s involved in cultural, educational and civic endeavors and he encourages his employees to be involved, too.

2007 Georgian of the Year

If you look closely at Shirley Franklin, if you push past the no-nonsense administrator, the skilled negotiator, the vigilant steward, the popular, bridge-building mayor who has energized Atlanta's business community for the first time in decades, you're left with a defining insight into her success: sheer willpower.

The Gospel According To George Israel

On Israel's watch, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce has moved aggressively on hot button issues like tort reform, corporate tax abatement, unified environmental statutes, workman's compensation and unemployment. He's dealt masterfully with the governor and legislators on both sides of the aisle.

A Farm Family Portrait

The Williams dairy farm is forward-looking, technologically sophisticated, micro-managed and consistently profitable. Such success is increasingly rare, as soaring land values and production costs are putting the necessary economies of scale well beyond reach of the average farmer.

Growing Pains

By 2030 Metro Atlanta will be home to 6 million residents. Can the region offset surging population and challenges to its infrastructure? Members of a blue-ribbon task force say it's possible for things to get better instead of worse. But it will require political will and political leadership.

Tough Competitor

First as a Georgia Tech quarterback, then as one of Atlanta's top real estate developers, Kim King earned a reputation as one who played with a vengeance. He used every bit of his toughness to fight back when disaster struck.

Derek Smith's Brave New World

ChoicePoint's CEO is on a mission to use information technology, biometrics, DNA and data-analytics to combat the wars against terrorism, child abuse and violent crime. And he's ready to take on any privacy advocates who disagree with him.