Georgia Trend - September 2005

Twenty Years and Counting

Publishing a magazine in a vibrant, growing state such as we have is a great experience, and, quite frankly, a lot of fun. We are in the people business, and without you as readers, we have no purpose.

Enduring And Prevailing

Decatur native Frank Broyles keeps on going - and going. What does 80-year-old Frank Broyles have that 73-year-old Vince Dooley does not? Answer: A new, five-year, rollover contract as athletics director.

Love It or Love It

I'm not sure I can name another profession outside of journalism whose practitioners are such accomplished and vocal complainers; nor do I know of another profession whose practitioners so love what they do.

The Lovely Bone's

Once upon a time, the town square was a business barometer. You could just about judge the area's prosperity by the opulence of the courthouse, and what kind of commerce was going on in and around it.