Georgia Trend - September 2005

Love It or Love It

I'm not sure I can name another profession outside of journalism whose practitioners are such accomplished and vocal complainers; nor do I know of another profession whose practitioners so love what they do.

The Lovely Bone's

Once upon a time, the town square was a business barometer. You could just about judge the area's prosperity by the opulence of the courthouse, and what kind of commerce was going on in and around it.

Twenty Years and Counting

Publishing a magazine in a vibrant, growing state such as we have is a great experience, and, quite frankly, a lot of fun. We are in the people business, and without you as readers, we have no purpose.

Enduring And Prevailing

Decatur native Frank Broyles keeps on going - and going. What does 80-year-old Frank Broyles have that 73-year-old Vince Dooley does not? Answer: A new, five-year, rollover contract as athletics director.