Georgia Trend - May 2003

Both Oars in the Water

I've always wondered why Atlanta doesn't fully exploit its potential as a riverfront town. Other cities have bars and restaurants right on the banks of its lazy streams and rushing rivers; yet, despite the Chattahoochee's bucolic setting, few restaurants offer a perch to contemplate the swirls and eddies.

Once Burned, Twice Shy

Conventional wisdom says you don't leave a good job without having a better one lined up. And you sure don't do it in the middle of a recession - unless you come to believe you have no choice.

Most Respected CEO

Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank has launched a new high-profile career of civic involvement, as Falcons' owner, Chamber of Commerce chairman and philanthropist. For the second time in three years, he is Georgia's top CEO.

Golden Couple

Unless you read The Fayette Neighbor, or attended the World Masters Games in Melbourne, Australia last October, you never would know that Bill and Jeanne Daprano won four gold medals between them.