Georgia Trend - June 2006

Which Way Do We Go?

The governor wants to attract biotech and biomedical firms to create well-paying jobs for Georgians, but the Christian Right, an important part of Perdue's Republican base, says "no way" to major areas of research for fundamentalist reasons.

Atlanta Gallery Association

When a group of intown gallery owners first dreamed up the idea for the Atlanta Gallery Association 15 years ago, the city was considered - even by many local collectors - as second-tier, with far fewer artists and works of the caliber found in places like New York and San Francisco.

Building Blocks

Work harder than those around you, earn the respect of those higher and lower on the food chain, help your co-workers in their time of need. Never, never get involved in office gossip or backstabbing. Keep a positive attitude.

The Trouble With Harry

It's not surprising that a Gwinnett mother was trying to force the school system to remove the Harry Potter books from school library shelves because she believes the books run counter to her Christian beliefs. It's not even especially surprising that she admits she has not read the books. Troubling, but not surprising.