Georgia Trend - July 2006

Carpet Maker To The World

Georgia's largest manufacturing industry supplies nearly 45 percent of the world's carpet, employs 45,000 workers and has a payroll that tops $4 billion annually. And it all started with tufted bedspreads sold along the sides of mountain roads.

The Big Sleep

Ever since Georgia voters messed up and began allowing governors to run for another four years, second terms have tended to be snoozefests in which nothing much happens.

League of Women Voters of Georgia

Measured against today's membership, the first meeting of the League of Women Voters of Georgia was a small one. The year was 1920 and 22 women's suffrage activists from around the state gathered in the Atlanta home of Emily C. McDougald to found an organization that would encourage women to take advantage of their newly-gained right to vote, which became law that same year.