Georgia Trend - December 2004

Atlanta - College Town, USA

Sure, the city has corporate headquarters, dynamic growth and a thriving economy. But it also has one of the largest concentrations of colleges and universities in the country. It's time to celebrate the brainpower and highlight the economic clout.

Watershed Moment

Like its name, this small restaurant represents a turning point. Like its cuisine, Watershed intersects Southern culture's classic tenets -- black and white, city and country, tradition and progress.

Target Practice

The nearly 250,000 students who attend Georgia's public colleges and universities dodged a powerful bullet a few weeks ago when the Board of Regents wisely decided not to push for a mid-year tuition hike as a way of dealing with a $65-million budget shortfall.

Doing It All

In the annals of University of Georgia athletics, there never has been an athlete like John Richard Carson. He is one of only two Bulldogs named All-American in two sports (Herschel Walker was the other). He is one of only two Bulldogs to earn letters in four sports (Mort Hodgson in 1908 was the other) and, says UGA historian Dan Magill, had he been able to work it into his schedule, he would have earned letters in six sports.