Georgia Trend - November 2002

Making Things Harder

When the Atlanta paper broke the story of the flap over a controversial issue of a student newspaper in a DeKalb County high school - students wrote stories critical of the new county school superintendent, and administrators responded by recalling copies not distributed - I reacted like the former high-school newspaper adviser that I am.

A King's Wish List

If I were king of Georgia with absolute power, governors would be allowed to serve only one four-year term, as in the pre-George Busbee era. With only one time at bat, the governor could carry out his agenda without having to cater to special interests and fret about re-election.

War and Religion

Communism is gone, as a source of war. But it has been replaced by a new threat, the war of religion. The current holy war, or jihad, being waged among the people of Islam, Judaism and Christianity is a conflict among cousins.

More Than Winning Games

William Jerry (Bill) Chappell deserves to be called legendary. The former Dalton head football coach - the second winningest coach in the history of Georgia high school football who two years ago was admitted to the state of Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and last year was selected to the Georgia Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame - never had one losing season.