Georgia Trend - January 2006

Blowing Your Own Horn

On a good day, I can drive downtown from my office in Norcross in about 25 minutes; but this was not a good day. I was running late, on my way to a luncheon gathering at the World Congress Center with several hundred other people.

The GreenRoom: January 2006

Former MARTA General Manager Nathaniel Ford, Sr., who has resigned to head the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, leaves MARTA in a better situation than he found it, having, among other things, called attention to its plight.

The Gospel According To George Israel

On Israel's watch, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce has moved aggressively on hot button issues like tort reform, corporate tax abatement, unified environmental statutes, workman's compensation and unemployment. He's dealt masterfully with the governor and legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Albany Advocacy Resource Center

Before the Albany Advocacy Resource Center (ARC) got its start more than 40 years ago, many Georgia children born with mental and physical disabilities faced a future spent largely in state institutions, away from their families and the lively, active environments most children take for granted.