Georgia Trend - February 2006

Dawsonville/Dawson County: Still Racing After All These Years

To Ernie Elliott, when ThunderRoad USA closed in 2004, it was like winning the pole position but not finishing the race. "Mistakes were made, there were high hopes but not high support," he says. "But there's no point in calling names. We can't go back and fix it, so we might as well move on down the road."

2006 Cities of Excellence - Jesup

Things are dirt cheap in Jesup, and that's just the way city officials want to keep it. In fact, Jesup lays claim to being the cheapest place in Georgia for purchasing municipal basics. By providing inexpensive services - and a little fun - to its citizens with a dash of small town eccentricity, Jesup charmed the judges into awarding it the top Trendsetter Cities prize in the Fiscal Fitness category for cities with populations of less than 10,000.

Nonproblems, Nonsolutions

It's hard to figure why some relatively tame topics become flashpoints (anybody remember the fluoridation flap?) and some things you'd expect to provoke an outcry (skyrocketing heating oil prices, for instance) don't stir much interest.