Georgia Trend - February 2006

Nonproblems, Nonsolutions

It's hard to figure why some relatively tame topics become flashpoints (anybody remember the fluoridation flap?) and some things you'd expect to provoke an outcry (skyrocketing heating oil prices, for instance) don't stir much interest.

Gottlieb's Restaurant and Dessert Bar

In the comic strip "Mutts," the two faithful dog-and-cat pals are forever enthralled with an appropriately named butcher shop: The Fatty Snax Deli. They hang on the gruff proprietor's every muscle twitch, hoping against hope that some small tidbit - a crisp exterior trimming, a sausage link - might be tossed their way.

The GreenRoom: February 2006

GreenRoom is glad to see Georgia's northern right whales featured in the "Georgia Explorer" exhibit at the new Georgia Aquarium. Few Georgians are aware that these beautiful creatures spend the winter and give birth to their calves in our waters.

Tourism Boosters

As the nation's fifth largest metropolitan area in terms of the size of its travel and tourism industry, Atlanta is behind only New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The metro area also ranks fifth in terms of total tourism employment, with about 160,000 jobs in tourism-related industries.