Georgia Trend - February 2005

An Atlanta Valentine

The internal click that comes when I push open the back door and walk into the house after a few hours or a few days away takes me by surprise every time, even though I've heard it in the half-dozen or so places I've called home throughout my adult life.

Waiting For Soto

For years, Georgians who love Japanese food gravitated to Atlanta's Soto, one of the most revered sushi restaurants along the entire East Coast. Chef Sotohiro Kosugi earned a reputation for the freshest and best cuts of raw fish, as well as his inspired, unique dishes -- firmly within Japanese culinary tradition, but also utterly original.

Tax Reform

Some Georgia leaders favor a proposal that would do away with income tax and replace it with a 23 percent sales tax. But former Gov. Roy Barnes says raising taxes to cut taxes doesn't work.

Back From "The Dead"

To paraphrase a line from an old Broadway tune, "I ain't dead yet." Such is the mindset of Dr. Sidney Earle Williams, the former Georgia Tech defensive end turned chiropractor, known in his playing days as "Dead Man."