Neely Young

War and Religion

Communism is gone, as a source of war. But it has been replaced by a new threat, the war of religion. The current holy war, or jihad, being waged among the people of Islam, Judaism and Christianity is a conflict among cousins.

Ten Things You Should Do

Dr. Tom Caras of Marietta has a saying; "They don't build pockets on coffins" — meaning if you have worked 50 to 60 hours a week most of your career, it's time to take the next few years to enjoy life.

A City That Works

Chicago works because of its mayor. The city preached this message to 90 leaders from the Atlanta region during their recent annual LINK visit. LINK, which stands for "Leadership, Innovation, Networking, and Knowledge," is sponsored by the Atlanta Regional Commission and other regional organizations. There was a lot of networking and leadership on the trip — and some blood on the floor. More on that later.