More Than Winning Games

William Jerry (Bill) Chappell deserves to be called legendary. The former Dalton head football coach - the second winningest coach in the history of Georgia high school football who two years ago was admitted to the state of Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and last year was selected to the Georgia Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame - never had one losing season.

Classy Coach, Classy Guy

In the annals of college football, many coaches have better won-lost records than William Alexander (Bill) Curry, but none were more respected or more interested in the welfare of his players. Go as far back as Stagg, Rockne, Heisman or as recent as Dodd, Dooley or Jordan and you will find no one who preached that the human soul was worth much more than winning football games.

2002: 40 Under 40

This year's list of up and coming young Georgians draws from business, government, education, academia, medicine, the arts, the nonprofit sector and the judiciary. The Class of 2002, selected by the editors of Georgia Trend, and profiled by Paige Bowers, Jerry Grillo and Kenna Simmons, are entrepreneurs, innovators, healers, painters, lawyers and public servants. The roster includes six elected officials, four doctors, two chefs, a science teacher, a veterinarian and a quarterback.

Swimming Upstream

Talk about the All-American boy. Meet Emmet Jopling Bondurant, II, nationally renowned attorney at law. He's Jack Armstrong, the miracle Mets and the incredible Jets all rolled into one. He beat The Coca-Cola Co. in a lawsuit brought by Coca-Cola Bottlers and defeated Atlanta's most prestigious law firm, King and Spalding, in a sex discrimination suit.

The Book Business - Everything But Money

Book publishing in Georgia is a bittersweet business. For every happy tale of authors signing lucrative, multi-book deals with large New York houses or selling film rights to their work, there are stories of smaller state-based publishers who discovered them, loved them and published them but didn't have the money to keep them.

Derek Smith's Brave New World

ChoicePoint's CEO is on a mission to use information technology, biometrics, DNA and data-analytics to combat the wars against terrorism, child abuse and violent crime. And he's ready to take on any privacy advocates who disagree with him.