Georgia Trend - July 2005

Out to the Ball Game

There were other Braves fans at Shea Stadium on the very cold Monday night in late April we had chosen to watch our guys take on the Mets - but not many of them. And those who were there were not making much noise.

Positively Babette's

Sometimes you can define a place by what it's not. And sometimes those negatives add up to positives.Take, for example, Babette's Cafe, the venerable little restaurant in Proven?al colors near Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta. Despite its big-city, cult-favorite status, it is not: noisy, crowded or loud. It does not treat people as "orders" (as in, "Let me see what happened to your order").

Good Shepherds

Thirty years ago, Alana Shepherd just wanted better treatment for her son's spinal cord injury. Today the center she created is a beacon of hope for a better recovery, a better life and, perhaps, a cure.