Georgia Trend - March 2004

Nam: Home-Grown And Hip

Being a restaurant critic in Atlanta is a little like being a professional traveler. In the first years after I moved here from New York, I was delighted to find some of the more esoteric treats I enjoyed there and on globe-trotting jaunts - peasant French and Italian cooking, Chinese dim sum, Japanese yakitori, Indian thali.

Pardon Our Progress

We counted five this morning: five bright, shiny yellow bulldozers clearing away the remnants of a nice little patch of woods across the pond our offices overlook in Gwinnett County.

Gridiron Achiever

Tommy Nobis may be the only football player nearly recruited from outer space. In 1965, when he was drafted No. 1 in the NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons and No. 1 in the old AFL draft by the Houston Oilers, Astronaut Frank Borman, command pilot of the Gemini 7 spacecraft, radioed word from space encouraging Nobis to sign with the Oilers. The message was relayed to Nobis, who opted to sign with the Falcons and became the finest football player in the franchise's history.