Georgia Trend - December 2005

Georgia’s Wine Country

Increasingly, Georgia winemakers are producing wines that are creating interest and gaining acceptance - while the wineries themselves provide a nice boost for local tourism. As the industry continues to grow and prosper, the number of wineries is likely to double. Plus, a taste of Georgia wines and a Georgia wineries guide.

The Countdown Begins

With no presidential or U.S. Senate race to distract voters in 2006, the media will focus on the top-of-the-ticket races for governor and lieutenant governor. The fight will be vicious.

Georgia Coaches Association

Look at any number of business executives who have achieved significant success in their careers, and you're likely to find people who have relied on more than just their own instincts and training. Often, they're turning to the services of a professional coach to help them reach their goals and aspirations.

Bryan County: Staying Above It All

Andy Cayton likes to fly high on the weekends. Cayton, a Pembroke area resident, is one of the world's foremost balloonists. The retired Army helicopter pilot holds three world records in small hot air balloon categories for altitude (18,000 feet), distance and time (1,666 miles in 16.5 hours) and duration (24 hours without stopping).

Bryan County: Signs Of The Times

Three years ago when it appeared automaker Daimler-Chrysler was coming to the neighborhood with a new plant and bringing thousands of jobs, real estate developers began poking around in northwest Bryan County looking for building sites.