Atlanta, Georgia, Waycross, Savannah

Photo Credit: John Becker, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership

Beltline Tour Bus

SEE: Heard of the Atlanta Beltline yet? In 1999, Georgia Tech student Ryan Gravel had an idea that he presented in his master’s thesis. He proposed something that would become a grassroots campaign: to create an economic boost by revitalizing tracks that had been unused for years and build a community through the connection of the Atlanta BeltLine. What started as an idea on the Mayor’s desk has grown into a dedicated, integrated approach to transportation, land use, greenspace, and sustainable growth. Explore the open parks and trails, learn about affordable housing, and discover Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. Take a bus or bike tour and see this uniquely remarkable Georgia project up close.

Path on the Atlanta Beltline

SHOP: All across Georgia every weekend are garage sales, yard sales, and flea markets are happening for you to find JUST the right deal or unique item. The Spruce site has done the hard work for if you’re looking for the largest and best ones!  From Marietta to Ringgold, and across the Dixie line from Georgia to Alabama, you can find something that could keep you busy all weekend. Check out these dates to see if one is coming near you or where you’ll be! Or make a special trip to bargain hunt.

DO: Camping or Glamping? That’s not a hard question if you’re not into dragging all of your belongings, including your shelter. Here is the Airbnb of glamping locations – Glamping Hub – from which you may select. So cooler temps in the north or warmer temps in the south, you’ll be able to find something that is just right. We’re a fan of the treehouses though if you’re asking our opinion!DO: Been to a swamp? No? Here’s your chance. Visit the Okefenokee Swamp and start in Waycross at the State Park. We’ve linked right to tours so you can reserve your spot now for a 20 minute to the 45-minute boat tour. No pets in this park though so leave the furbabies at home. There’s a hefty list of dos and don’ts for their walk to the observation tower, but those seem like good recommendations to us!

DO: Want an excellent activity for a couple of hours that get your family or friends to work as a team? We introduce Clue Town. They are great little packets of scavenger fun, based on landmarks. For now, they have several in and around Atlanta like Piemont Park, Oakland Cemetary (we vote YES for this one!), as well as faraway places like Savannah. They aren’t all location-based though, as they now offer ones you can do at home with anything that might be around you! Pick your length, 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Like we said, fun.

Labor Day Things to Do: Several weeks ago, we shared some things you can do on Labor Day and wanted to remind you! If you don’t have plans yet, here, you go!

Photo Credits: Landscape and Beltline Photos by John Becker, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership & Glamping Options by Glamping Hub.

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