Abandoned, Not Forgotten: Kodak Building

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Driving down Ponce de Leon to get to downtown or Piedmont Park or simply to commute home towards Decatur, or maybe even to get a hot donut at the large and busy Krispy Kreme location, hundreds of people a day drive by an abandoned Kodak Building. Many people remember the day when we had to drop film off and days later we would get a package of pictures and negatives we would look through to see if there were a few redeemable pictures to paste into photo albums. Photo processing went to "Same Day" service and many of us found it as a luxury, or (nearly) an instantaneous gratification treat. 

Kids today don't remember when the buildings like this held the memories of thousands of people, waiting to be picked up or mailed out. It's hard to teach the way we used to do things when we can now see our pictures instantly and share them within seconds to people all over the world. 

Those of us who remember a time when a roll of film had to be dropped off, then carefully processed and picked up or mailed to us, drive by places like the Kodak building and think, "Remember when…" as we watch the people around us upload pictures at the touch of a button. 

Kodak Building on foursquare

Kodak Building Images on Google

Kodak Building in a 1995 and 2012 comparison

Image Credit: Julia Roberts

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