Georgia Trend - May 2007

How Much Is Too Much?

The governor and his legislative colleagues have had the power to cut the budget to any level they chose. All they had to do was cast their votes for it. They chose not to. They are acknowledging how the real world works.

Power Player

John Rice, CEO of Atlanta-based GE Infrastructure, has brought a deep corporate and personal commitment to his adopted hometown. He’s involved in cultural, educational and civic endeavors and he encourages his employees to be involved, too.

Water Worries

With Georgia’s rapid population growth threatening its water supply – Atlanta could be in trouble as early as 2030 – conservation is on everyone’s mind. Some are betting the time is right for desalination projects to turn seawater into drinking water.

Flight Patterns

Georgia is celebrating a century of aviation this year. The industry has brought prosperity, jobs and economic growth at a rate its pioneers never envisioned. But, at its heart, it’s still about the thrill of flying.

Going Public

Georgia’s 262 semi-private, daily-fee and municipal golf courses give golfers a wide range of options. The numbers reflect the golfing boom of the last 20 years and the changing landscape of the game itself.