Georgia Trend - January 2005

Hearing Voices

How many times have you wanted to suggest to top corporate folks that they should occasionally try calling their own places of business, unannounced, just like any regular customer?

Rathbun Appetit

How do you explain the smashing success of Rathbun's, lauded by USA Today and Bon Appetit, and crowned by Esquire as one of the country's best new restaurants?

Lords - And Ladies - Of The Rings

I have known my share of world champion prizefighters. I did road work with Rocky Marciano, played cards with Carmen Basilio, interviewed Beau Jack and Archie Moore and took a playful swing (and missed) at Max Baer. All were great fighters but Baer. And he could have been the greatest of them all if it were not for wine, women and all-night partying.