Georgia Trend Writers Honored for Journalistic Excellence

This year Georgia Trend was honored with four Green Eyeshade Awards, which have recognized “the very best journalism in the Southeastern United States” since 1950.

Green Eyeshades Award LogoEditor and Publisher Ben Young, political columnist Tharon Johnson and feature editor Kenna Simmons all won awards in various categories.

Young took home first place for Serious Commentary/Magazines for his column, From the Publisher: The Homelessness Puzzle, which ran in our November 2022 issue.

Johnson received second place in that same category for his December 2022 Red, Blue and You column, Making Housing Affordable Again.

Simmons was awarded first place for Public Service in Magazine Journalism for her September 2022 feature, Meaningful Impact, about fixing the state’s mental health system. She also won second place in General News Writing/Magazines for her October 2022 feature Reconnecting to the River about a plan for a 100-mile water-and-land corridor along the Chattahoochee.

The Green Eyeshade Awards are judged by Southern members of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and open to journalists in 11 states.

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