Eco-Friendly Travel Experiences with Sea Turtles

Jekyll Island offers a unique experience for animal lovers

Sea Turtle Center workers inspecting the nesting site


sign on beach read Loggerhead Turtle nesting areaThe Jekyll Island Authority has an eco-friendly and educational travel experience for your summer vacation bucket list.

Sea turtle nesting season lasts all summer on Jekyll Island, with nests being laid from early May through November. The island offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for visitors to experience these majestic creatures up close.

Georgia Sea Turtle Center is Georgia’s first and only sea turtle rehabilitation, research, and education facility. The Center provides state-of-the-art care to sick and injured sea turtles and other wildlife. Visitors to the Center can witness rehabilitation in action and experience a day-in-the-life of a sea turtle biologist through interactive exhibits and experiences. Guests of all ages can enjoy year-round indoor and outdoor programs.

Spend some time on the beach exploring the beautiful habitats:

members of the Ride with Night Patrol inspecting a nesting site

  • Ride with Dawn Patrol – Spend the morning patrolling Jekyll Island’s beaches with our sea turtle patrol team, riding in utility vehicles and on foot. Patrollers will assist with a variety of tasks, including checking for signs of predators, and potentially observing and protecting nest inventories.utility vehicle on beach at night
  • Ride with Night Patrol – The evening will be spent with our sea turtle patrol team in search of sea turtles that nest on Jekyll Island’s beaches.
  • Evening Turtle Walks – Explore the beach at night and learn about the amazing journey of loggerhead sea turtles nesting along the Georgia coast.
  • Sunrise Turtle Walks – Explore the wonders of Jekyll Island’s beach ecology. Your guide will introduce you to the basics of sea turtle nesting and hatching, the ecological history of Jekyll, and any wildlife you come across.

In 2022, Georgia hit a record number of sea turtle nests – up to 3,966 nests and over 6,000 loggerheads hatched and emerged from nests! 

A sea turtle crawls to the oceanLoggerhead turtles – named for their notably large heads – are currently listed as a “threatened” species in the U.S., meaning they are likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future. Predation of their nests and coastal development are the largest threats to their habitats. Your patronage helps support the conservation and rehabilitation efforts happening on Jekyll Island. Check out the Center’s Summer Beach Programs today!

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