Auburn University’s Executive MBA Program Designed for Working Professionals

People reaching new goals, personally and professionally with unique MBA program.

Emba Auburn Cohort EMBA

Mba Programs In The SouthFor Samantha Southerland, going back to school was going to require a lot of juggling. As a marketing and public relations manager and a mother of three girls, fitting a two-year master’s program into her already packed schedule was going to be difficult. Like so many strong women, she didn’t just want to grow professionally, she wanted to grow personally as well. Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business offered that unique combination.

Flexibility Was Key for Busy, Working Mom Samantha Southerland

Family of five, pictured outside on yardSamantha found the Executive MBA program at Auburn and loves it. While the remote aspect allows her to balance school with her busy family and work life, what she likes most is the diversity of her peers in the program – hand-selected for their diverse professional backgrounds – and the teamwork they share. There are more than 48 people in her class from across the country, and they stay in touch, building bonds both inside and outside of class.

Samantha doesn’t regret going back to school later in life after she became a parent. She said, “You walk in intimidated by the level of caliber in the room your first night and are not quite sure you fit in. However, as you progress through the program you realize why you were all put together and how valuable each person in the cohort is to the group. The knowledge they bring from their experience in the field is humbling and has made me better in my career in just this short amount of time.”

Hybrid Executive MBA Program Offers Online and In-person Experiences

Auburn University’s Executive MBA program is designed for working professionals who want to continue their education without the commitment of a traditional, in-person, classroom setting. However, unlike an online MBA program, Auburn’s EMBA doesn’t sacrifice community. As a hybrid program, it provides the best of both worlds. You have the flexibility of online learning, allowing you to create your schedule and maintain career momentum while going back to school. Additionally, you connect with a diverse network of peers during five scheduled residencies at various points in the 21-month program.

The Executive MBA program is built on the strength of the cohort concept—a group of professionals moving through the program together, learning from and supporting one another, all the while building a network of friends and peers they can call on throughout their professional careers. You will meet people from all walks of life who are each dedicated to the same growth and likely balancing similar lives to your own.

Samantha Southerland Auburns Emba Program

Auburn University wants everyone to have the opportunity to actualize their goals, both personally and professionally. To this end, they do not require GMAT or GRE scores for entry. Instead, applicants must have eight years of professional experience to be eligible for the program and complete an in-person interview

Executive MBA Program Designed for Mid-to Late-Career Business Professionals

They’ve designed a curriculum that allows students the flexibility to specialize in their second year and take electives that interest them and are more relevant to their careers. Students can choose electives in Leadership, Operations, Healthcare or Cybersecurity Management. These electives include classes on subjects like global financial markets, security and information assurance, and advanced business healthcare law. All of the core courses are delivered in person in a workshop/classroom setting during the short residencies on campus.

A key feature of the executive curriculum is the International Business Operations course which includes a week-long international trip to study firsthand the economic, financial, legal, political, social, and cultural factors impacting a country’s business operations. Current second-year EMBA students recently visited business leaders and toured companies in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to its executive MBA, the Harbert College of Business offers full-time and online MBA programs, as well as a physicians executive MBA for post-residency doctors of medicine and osteopathic medicine.

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