Georgia Southern University’s Master of Accounting Program Gives Students a Springboard to Success

From theory to practice, students can learn in class or online.

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What would it take to make your dream job a reality? If you’re seeking a career as a CPA or wish to join the accounting department of a thriving company, you’ll need the proper training. To help you achieve your goals, Georgia Southern University’s Parker College of Business offers a dynamic Master of Accounting degree program students can access either through in-person classes (MAcc) or online (Web MAcc).

The MAcc/WebMAcc curriculum includes 18 credit hours of coursework in accounting and related law, as well as 12 credit hours of electives that allow students to customize their program to meet their specific interests and career goals working in tax, forensic accounting, and data analytics.

Macc and WebMAcc students receive instruction in both the theoretical concepts and practical applications of business accounting. Graduate Accounting Coordinator Stephanie Hairston, Ph.D., praises the program’s flexibility. “We strive for our online MAcc program to be the same high quality as our in-person program,” she says. “In both programs, students’ program of study is designed to prepare them for the CPA exam and the rigor associated with the accounting profession. With over three-quarters of our graduates finding employment post-graduation, it is clear that firms and companies place a premium on the quality of our programs.”

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2020 MAcc Graduate Bradly Morgan (standing) at work at Hancock, Askew & Co., LLP

MAcc and WebMAcc students will learn the essentials of intermediate and managerial accounting, income tax, auditing, and accounting information systems, putting them on a path to success when taking the CPA exam. The program provides students with 150 hours of instruction and expands upon the concepts learned as an undergraduate.

The MAcc and WebMAcc programs endeavor to treat students like future workers, giving them the practical guidance they’ll need to lead successful accounting careers. The program also helps students build related skills like effective communication skills. As part of their study, students work on projects that challenge their accounting, critical thinking, and presentation skills. This comprehensive approach to learning has given Parker graduates a high rate of success in finding employment with top-ranked CPA and accounting firms following degree completion.

GSU Accounting MastersBradley Morgan, Class of 2020, says, “Anyone that would want to take the CPA exam, I think it would be a great idea to get through with the MAcc program. Not only does it give you those 150 hours, but it also expands on the concepts that you learn in undergrad.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions have not affected enrollment. In fact, program enrollment increased during the past two years. Between the in-person and online programs, 80 students (36 in-person, 44 online) enrolled in the academic year 2019-20. By contrast, 106 (46 in-person, 60 online) enrolled in the academic year 2020-21.

Parker’s MAcc and WebMAcc programs are also ideal for those seeking a Master of Accounting degree while holding full-time jobs. The online curriculum allows students the flexibility required to manage their time effectively, balancing work, school, and other responsibilities. And because Georgia Southern University has connections with many successful accounting firms in the region, students can connect with potential employers as they complete their studies.

Graduate of Masters of Accounting at Georgia Southern Univsersity

2018 Georgia Southern University MAcc Graduate Chelsea Gasper

Graduate Chelsea Gasper praises the program’s opportunities. She says, “There are definitely recruiting opportunities during your undergrad and your Master’s. Georgia Southern has great relationships with so many firms. I was able to complete the CPA exam before graduating and it got me the connections, I needed to get a job that I love.”

Prior GMAT or work experience is not required to enter the program.

To be eligible for admission, applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and must demonstrate the appropriate level of proficiency in accounting through coursework, internship or work experience, and extracurricular activities.

A rewarding career in accounting awaits… at Georgia Southern University.

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