2021 Top Hospitals: Maintaining the Mission

Data reveals Georgia’s hospital rankings.
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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to pummel healthcare organizations with staffing shortages, delivery disruptions, appointment cancellations and revenue loss, these same organizations and their providers and administrators continue to strive to provide efficient, quality care. In addition, they are looking to the future and innovations that will improve care in the days to come.

Each year, Georgia Trend publishes a list of the state’s top hospitals. For this list, which includes hospitals that provide a range of services, we evaluated each hospital that participated in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Value Based Purchasing program on their total performance score in FY2021.

The ranking is based on information in four areas: clinical outcomes, person and community engagement, safety, and efficiency and cost reduction. Hospitals are grouped by similar size and mission. The groupings are: Teaching Hospitals, whose primary mission is teaching regardless of size and are certified by the Association of American Medical Colleges Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems; Large Hospitals (250+ patient beds); Medium Hospitals (100 to 249 beds); and Small Hospitals (fewer than 100 beds). The American Hospital Directory provided the hospital bed size.

Rankings are based on data downloaded Aug. 14, 2021. Analysis of the data was completed for Georgia Trend by independent consultant Mark A. Thompson, associate dean and professor of the Hull College of Business at Augusta University.

While hospital rankings provide useful information that can assist consumers, there are many factors that individuals and families should consider when deciding where to go for their healthcare needs. Consult your healthcare provider when making decisions about your health and the health of your family. – Mark A. Thompson

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