Georgia Trend Daily – Feb. 8, 2021

Feb. 8, 2021 Clayton News-Daily

Georgia to celebrate 300th anniversary of founding

Staff reports, this year celebrates the tricentennial of a turning point in North American colonial history. Three centuries ago, British soldiers established their first fort on land that was to become the colony of Georgia.


Feb. 8, 2021 Georgia Trend – Exclusive!

Culture Change at Georgia Corporations

Kenna Simmons reports that Atlanta was never really too busy to hate. Just ask the Black families whose attempts to move into the white neighborhood of Cascade Heights in 1962 were barred by physical barriers – “Atlanta’s Berlin Wall.”


Feb. 8, 2021 Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Delta plans to offer vaccinations to employees ages 65 and older

Kelly Yamanouchi reports that starting Monday, Delta Air Lines plans to offer vaccinations to its Georgia employees who are 65 and older. Atlanta-based Delta will use part of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s Concourse C, half of which has been closed off since early on in the pandemic because of the sharp decline in air travel.


Feb. 8, 2021 The Center Square

Economic development roundup: Spring Mountain Center to build headquarters in Georgia

Jason Schaumburg reports that home and lifestyle products manufacturer Spring Mountain Center will invest $45 million to open new manufacturing and distribution headquarters in Georgia. The new 275,000-square-foot facility in Winder will create 205 jobs, Gov. Brian Kemp said.


Feb. 8, 2021 WABE 90.1

Kemp To Teachers: I Want You Vaccinated, But Supply’s Too Short

Martha Dalton reports that the Atlanta school board passed a resolution this week calling on Gov. Brian Kemp to prioritize COVID-19 vaccinations for teachers. The move comes after some district superintendents and the Professional Association of Georgia Educators also wrote letters to the governor urging him to do the same.


Feb. 8, 2021 Albany Herald

Regional Commission, Georgia Tech to create economic ‘roadmap’

Staff reports, since the Great Recession, rural downtowns across the country have undergone a renaissance. While larger communities typically have physical amenities that draw talent, the overall cost of living to be “close to everything” can be burdensome. Now during the COVID-19 pandemic, rural communities are beginning to realize the certain advantages and potential for attracting talent that can work just about anywhere with the right infrastructure.


Feb. 8, 2021 GPB

Georgia Receives $16M Settlement From McKinsey Over Role In Opioid Crisis

Ellen Eldridge reports that Georgia will receive $16,790,458.14 from the first multi-state opioid settlement to result in substantial payment to address the epidemic, Attorney General Chris Carr said Thursday. The money will help the state meet the needs of those suffering with opioid use disorder.


Feb. 8, 2021 Newnan Times-Herald

Singleton: women’s sports bill about biology not identity

Sarah Fay Campbell reports, when State Rep. Philip Singleton introduced a bill last year to ensure that only “biological females” could compete in sports that are specifically for females only, the bill went nowhere and didn’t garner a single co-sponsor, according to legislative records. But Singleton’s new bill, which has a similar focus, has gained over 38 co-sponsors.


Feb. 8, 2021 WABE 90.1

Georgia Parents Of Transgender Athletes React To New ‘Female-Only Sports’ Bill

Lily Openheimer reports that Georgia LGBTQ advocacy groups are criticizing new legislation that they say discriminates against transgender youth. One former Georgia politician is joining in with critics of the bill who say it’s a discriminatory, shameful attack on Georgia’s transgender youth and young adults.


Feb. 8, 2021 Capitol Beat News

Kemp administration backing tax credit for medical manufacturers

Dave Williams reports that legislation aimed at incentivizing the production of medicine and medical devices in Georgia has been introduced in the state House of Representatives on behalf of Gov. Brian Kemp. House Bill 304 would offer manufacturers of medical equipment or supplies or the makers of pharmaceuticals a tax credit of $1,250 for every job they create.


Feb. 8, 2021 Georgia Health News

Georgia’s new senators back incentive bill for Medicaid expansion

Andy Miller reports, one of the biggest carrots in the 2010 Affordable Care Act was a promise that the federal government would pay 100 percent of the costs of a state expanding its Medicaid program for three years. A group of mostly Democratic U.S. senators — including Georgia’s newly elected Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff — is pushing legislation that would offer the same incentive for states, including Georgia, that have not expanded Medicaid.


Feb. 8, 2021 Gainesville Times

Rep. Andrew Clyde fined $5,000 for walking around House metal detectors, pledges appeal

Staff reports that Rep. Andrew Clyde has been fined $5,000 for bypassing metal detectors at the U.S. House. Clyde and Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas are the first two Republicans to be punished by Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to comply with the rule enacted after the Capitol riot.


Feb. 8, 2021 Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A showdown is brewing over who will lead Georgia GOP after crushing election defeats

Greg Bluestein reports that a showdown is brewing over leadership of the Georgia Republican party after the GOP suffered crushing defeats in the November elections and January Senate runoffs to ascendant state Democrats. Georgia GOP chair David Shafer is trying to maintain control of a party apparatus he won in 2019 with a pledge to beef up a “neglected” grassroots in dozens of counties that have no local GOP organizations.

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