A more walkable, bikeable Macon

Bike Walk Macon 2

Four-year-old Bike Walk Macon is the city’s first grassroots bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization. Its goals are making active transportation an option for everyone to help Macon become a more vibrant, healthy and equitable place to live.

This year was a successful one that saw the organization grow and have a significant impact on the city. Among its accomplishments with the aid of many supporters, were:

  • Nearly $90,000 in grants funding secured
  • Creation of four crosswalks to promote bike and pedestrian safety
  • Initiation of green-painted bike lanes for better visibility
  • Addition of more bike lanes
  • Installation of a bike parts vending machine to make parts more easily accessible to the public
  • Installation of new bike racks
  • Hosting Macon Bike Party, a free, slow-paced community bicycle ride for all ages on the second Thursday of each month
  • Hosting Open Streets Macon, which featured music, art and health activities along with biking and walking on streets closed to cars
  • Presenting educational programs on traffic skills and laws, bicycle safety, routes and local resources

The efforts of Bike Walk Macon are making the city a better place to live, bike and walk.

Photo provided by Bike Walk Macon.

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