Hands-free goes into effect

This Sunday, July 1, the Hands-Free Georgia Act, which requires the use of hands-free technology for cell phones and other electronic devices when driving, goes into effect.

Here’s a short list of what’s allowed and not allowed by the law.


  • Talking or texting (voice-to-text) with hands-free technology
  • Use of a GPS or navigation device
  • Use of a smart watch
  • Talking on the phone using an earpiece
  • Drivers may legally handle their devices to report an accident, medical emergency, fire, crime or hazardous road condition

Not allowed, even at a stop light or sign:

  • Holding or using the body to support a phone or other electronic device
  • Writing, sending or reading any text-based information, including texts, emails, instant messages or internet data
  • Watching a video or movie
  • Recording a video

Here’s to safer driving all across Georgia.

Photo by Alexandre Boucher on Unsplash

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