Sustainable Georgia Roundup

Water Trails Support: The unanimously passed Statewide Water Trails Resolution (HR 281) encourages proliferation and use of water trails in Georgia. Similar to hiking trails, water trails are found on waterways having safe public access points, signage and amenities such as picnic areas and facilities. Currently 15 water trails exist, and 17 are in development.

Beautiful Bioswales: The Georgia Department of Transportation and The Ray, an initiative for transforming transportation infrastructure along 18 miles of I-85 in West Georgia, installed 10 acres of native grasses and pollinator plants in the median and northbound lane gore area of Exit 6 near LaGrange. These areas, known as bioswales, are shallow drainage ditches in which the vegetation will help decrease pollution, reduce runoff and improve the quality of water entering creeks and rivers.

Rising Like the Sun: According to the Solar Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes solar energy, Georgia now has nearly 4,000 solar industry employees, a 23 percent increase over 2015.

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