Top Dawg

Vince Dooley has made UGA athletics a force to be reckoned with on the field, on the ledger sheets and in the halls of national power.

A Winning Tradition

Athlete, musician, dancer, family man, champion of charitable causes, civic-minded citizen, successful business man and host with the most on the ball. John S. Hunsinger, native Atlantan, is all of these.

The Beat Goes On

To get into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, it is, in my opinion, not so much what you accomplished on the athletics field as it is who you know and what committee clique will support you.

Most Respected CEO

Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank has launched a new high-profile career of civic involvement, as Falcons' owner, Chamber of Commerce chairman and philanthropist. For the second time in three years, he is Georgia's top CEO.

Golden Couple

Unless you read The Fayette Neighbor, or attended the World Masters Games in Melbourne, Australia last October, you never would know that Bill and Jeanne Daprano won four gold medals between them.

Slugging to Glory

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Atlanta's Ronald Mark Blomb erg's debut as baseball's first designated hitter. The date was April 6, 1973, the season opener for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The place: Boston's historic Fenway Park. And the park was packed, despite a bone-chilling temperature of 30 degrees.