Walgreens Offers Free Same-Day Prescription Delivery Pilot to Improve Medication Adherence

Atlanta patients can take advantage of the offer now through September 25.

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Unexpected side effects, busy schedules, a lack of transportation—there are a myriad of reasons why patients fail to adhere to medications. But oftentimes, these issues can be easily remedied—even just by finding ways to put medications in patients’ hands. It’s a critical issue that needs addressing, because according to U.S. Pharmacist, nearly 125,000 Americans lose their lives annually due to poor medication adherence.

Rx SddIn a bid to help patients better adhere to their medications, Walgreens is offering free same-day prescription delivery to people in select Atlanta locations. The pilot program, which runs through September 25, helps alleviate barriers that often hinder patients’ access to vital medications, potentially leading to avoidable hospitalizations or additional doctor visits. When patients stick to their prescribed medication regimen, they are more likely to have improved health outcomes and live more joyful lives—a result that Walgreens is committed to making a reality.

Atlanta patients can opt for the “Same Day Rx Delivery” option when placing their next eligible prescription refill order through either the Walgreens App or the website. In addition, Walgreens continues to offer free 1-2 Day Rx delivery in locations, providing patients with flexible delivery options.

Patients without access to the Walgreens app or website can get in touch with their local Walgreens pharmacy team via phone or by an in-person visit to discuss the best prescription delivery method for their specific needs, including the Same Day Rx Delivery service.

Rx Sdd 3Walgreens has a long-standing history of providing customers with convenience from its nearly 9,000 locations. This initiative builds upon the success of existing conveniences such as the 30-Minute Pickup and 1-Hour Delivery for retail products. Furthermore, Walgreens has made substantial contributions to public health this year by extending the Same Day Rx Delivery to include critical medications like HIV therapies, along with oral antiviral treatments for COVID-19, including Lagevrio and Paxlovid.

Delivery 1This pilot program not only underscores Walgreens commitment to improving public health but also reflects their dedication to leveraging technology and innovation to create easy-to-use solutions for pressing healthcare challenges. By providing free same-day prescription delivery to Atlanta patients, Walgreens aims to make a meaningful impact on medication adherence rates and, consequently, the overall well-being of the community.

As the September 25 pilot end date approaches, Walgreens encourages eligible patients to take advantage of this initiative, to ensure timely access to essential medications without the burden of transportation barriers, signaling a new era of enhanced medication adherence and improved patient outcomes.

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