Unique online MBA provides quality education without sacrificing work-life balance

WebMBA allows students to continue their education on their terms.
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Students participate in a group team-building activity during orientation.

Many adults dream of continuing their education, but some challenges come with going to school while juggling the responsibilities of adulthood. Student debt, working a full-time job, and staying committed to family and friends are all concerns for today’s students.

Tyler Gunnin, Web MBA Online

Tyler Gunnin

The Georgia WebMBA offers a solution to these concerns. Designed with work-life balance and professional development in mind, The Georgia WebMBA was created to provide adults with a path to quality education without detracting from their professional careers, breaking their bank accounts, or diminishing their relationships. “My favorite aspect of The Georgia WebMBA program is the ability to use my time in a manner that works best for me, my family, and my career,” said current student Tyler Gunnin

This online business master’s program is a collaboration of seven Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredited universities in Georgia. It offers flexibility with its asynchronous classes and online delivery system, expert training in business operations and management skills, and the opportunity to develop a life-long network of peers and professionals dedicated to growth and development. The goal of The Georgia WebMBA is to offer guidance, support, and high-quality training in a manner that saves students both time and money.

At $22,170 tuition for the entire program, it is rated a ‘Best Buy’ by GetEducated.com, ranking in the Top 40 for online MBA programs accredited by AACSB International. Students complete the program in 5 consecutive semesters with the same cohort that they started the program with. There are 10 courses offered over the five semesters. They include developmental classes like Strategic Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Global and International Business as well as leadership training courses like Human Behavior in Organizations and Managerial Decision Analysis Using Business Intelligence.

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Alumni presentation

These courses are taught by a diverse set of the best professors across the seven universities. This allows students to learn from a wide variety of educators with differing expertise. This network of teachers combines with a diverse student body to create the opportunity for one of the program’s most important highlights: team building. “Students have the advantage of working with other students from various organizations, industries, and geographies. The teaming format allows students to learn different viewpoints, to develop effective ways of interacting with others, and employ various critical thinking styles as they seek to understand different working styles and learn together in a safe environment,” says Dr. Debby Roebuck, Administrative Director of the program.

Teams of five to six students complete the program together, which is a unique experience compared to other MBA programs.

“The Georgia WebMBA provides a one-of-a-kind experience at orientation by allowing students to connect with their teammates, create their team contract, bond, and start the program on a strong footing,” says Angelia Huggins, WebMBA Managing Director. “We’ve witnessed year after year that this opportunity sets our students up for success in the program.”

Rashad Shedd Student Web MBA Online

Rashad Shedd

With virtual education increasing in popularity, it’s important to note that The Georgia WebMBA has been a reputable program since its creation in 2000. Initially developed to provide access to an MBA for potential students who could not attend campus programs because of driving distance, work schedule, or family obligations, it has held steadily to its standard of accessibility by maintaining affordability and flexibility.

“The Georgia WebMBA program was affordable and allowed me to maintain my professional life as well as my personal life,” said Rashad Shedd, a graduate of the 2021 cohort. “The program allowed me the flexibility and capacity to learn at a pace where I didn’t feel overwhelmed and could comprehend the curriculum. This program strongly emphasizes the value of relationships and team building. Trust that you are never alone and, with the support of your team and the amazing faculty, you are bound to succeed in this program.”

Students who have graduated from The Georgia WebMBA program have gone on to advance their careers, grow their businesses, and some even receive promotions in their jobs while actively in school. If you dream of returning to school, know that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or a balanced lifestyle.

If you dream of returning to school, know that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or a balanced lifestyle to further your education. For more information, visit https://www.webmbaonline.org/ to see if The Georgia WebMBA is the right fit for your life.

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