Auburn University’s Physicians Only Executive MBA Program Teaches Business of Medicine

Why would a vascular surgeon want to pursue a degree in business?
Professor standing in front of a classroom at Auburn University for their EMBA program for doctors

Raymond L. McCue, former PEMBA and VPMA, CMO of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, speaks to a class of new PEMBA students during a residency at Auburn University in Auburn, Ala. (Photo/Julie Bennett)

Dr. Peter Armstrong is one of many doctors interested in expanding their knowledge of the healthcare industry beyond their personal practice. Doctors receive excellent medical training but are exposed to little or no business education. This can sometimes make things difficult for them if they are asked for advice regarding the healthcare system or are recruited as representatives for their departments or organizations.

Auburn Physicans Mba“We’re expected to know the business side of medicine, but we are never taught,” Dr. Armstrong said, “I really wanted to know the legal side of the business too. Expanding my knowledge in these areas will allow me more opportunities to get involved in the healthcare system and help more people.”

The Physicians Executive MBA offered by the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University is designed for medical professionals who want to continue their education and reshape their careers. The program offers physicians a flexible blend of online classes and on-campus residencies to allow doctors the time and space to learn at their own pace while continuing to work in their chosen fields.

They take classes in topics such as organizational leadership, financial analysis, and health care policy. In addition to a variety of classes, the program includes a residency in D.C. and abroad. These trips were especially interesting to Dr. Armstrong.

“I wanted to broaden my knowledge about topics like Medicare and how government policies affect American healthcare as a whole and learn about healthcare in another country. I want to be able to pivot my career and potentially work in administration or even teach if an opportunity presents itself. I will be able to leverage what I’m learning, moving forward.”

man stnading in front of a building with the words: I see it as so beneficial; I wish I had done this twenty years ago." Peter Armstrong, MD, about Auburn University's Physican's Only Executive MBA Program College of Business for AuburnDr. Armstrong is currently working part-time as a doctor in Kentucky while living in Augusta. He chose the program in part because of the breadth of topics studied, but also because of the diversity of its members. There are 19 medical professionals in his group; some are in healthcare practice or are in administration. He finds being able to network with a variety of people beneficial and has learned a lot from hearing about their experiences.

The best endorsement from a PEMBA student in recent years, Dr. Armstrong said, “I see it as so beneficial; I wish I had done this twenty years ago.”

The Auburn University Physician Executive MBA  is a 21-month program available only to physicians. It is led by a team of professionals dedicated to inspiring doctors to continue their professional development as well as broaden their own life experiences. In addition to offering a wide range of courses and the guidance of other medical professionals, the program includes a trip overseas to help doctors understand the American healthcare system from a more global perspective.

For professionals like Dr. Armstrong, expanding their careers and growing in their fields can be particularly challenging. In the digital age, schools have the opportunity to alleviate some of those challenges without sacrificing the quality of education or real-life experiences. Auburn’s PEMBA program provides its students with both.

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