Supporting financial wellness


April is National Autism Awareness Month and in support of
that, the SunTrust
is awarding a two-year grant of $556,000 to Autism Speaks, a nonprofit that
provides solutions for individuals with autism and their families. The grant
expands on the organizations’ partnership to promote financial well-being among
people with autism and other disabilities, and their families.

Since 2016 the foundation has helped Autism Speaks to:

  • Respond to nearly 30,000 requests for financial
    resources information
  • Co-host 15 financial planning workshops with
    more than 1,500 participants
  • Distribute more than 5,000 financial planning
  • Create the Financial
    Planner app
    , which has been downloaded more than 3,500 times

The grant will help further ensure that families impacted by
autism have the resources they need for a secure financial future.

Photo provided by
Autism Speaks.

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