Organizations: National Charity League: East Cobb

Rosalyn Dunn and her daughter, Molly, have become very proficient at whipping up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

As part of the East Cobb chapter of the National Charity League, they participate in a program that typically delivers 360 sack lunches a day to underserved children in Cherokee County. The group, established in 2013, comprises an army of mothers and their daughters, in grades seven through 12, who partner with other charitable organizations to develop leadership skills.

“We do everything from preparing meals for a homeless shelter to making jewelry for cancer patients to helping with a rabbit rescue organization,” Dunn says. “It’s a meaningful way for moms and their daughters to have quality time together while helping the community.”

The National Charity League started in Los Angeles in 1925 and has since spread across the country; Georgia claims eight chapters. “We use some old-fashioned language from our founders,” says Cynthia Camerieri, president of the East Cobb chapter, which has 70 mothers and 90 daughters. “We call the moms ‘patronesses’ and the girls ‘ticktockers,’ because we only get so much time with our daughters – the clock is always ticking!”

The girls are organized according to their grade level, and everyone gets the chance to lead as well as the opportunity to work in a supporting role as a team player with the “pillars of philanthropy, leadership and culture. We switch roles regularly so that everybody gets a well-rounded experience,” Camerieri says.

The group also hosts a formal tea party every year to give the girls some experience with event planning. “They learn about challenges and the rewards of meeting those challenges,” Camerieri says.

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