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Imagine spending your days – your work days – rock climbing, whitewater rafting or teaching young people about the environment. If you’re Rob Dussler, chair of the outdoor leadership department at Young Harris College (YHC) in the north Georgia town of Young Harris, you do that and more everyday at work.

“I started out with a few tents,” Dussler says about how the program evolved at YHC. “I had a very small budget, scratched up some gear and started taking students outside. Then it really gathered momentum. I remember distinctly a rock-climbing trip. I think we were at Mount Yonah in Georgia. A couple of students were looking at me and they said, ‘This is your job, right? How does that happen? What’s your background?’ I said, ‘Well, I have a degree in outdoor education.’ ‘You can get a degree in this?’ ‘Absolutely. I have a Ph.D.’ ‘Really? So, what do you think? Maybe we might be able to have some classes at Young Harris?'”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Learn more about this and other programs at the rapidly growing YHC in this month’s Georgia Trend feature “Leading the Change.”

Photo: Rob Dussler, right, with outdoor leadership students Allie Weldon, left, and Emily Nichols

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