The GreenRoom: December 2006

The wolf may be at Georgia’s back door. The state Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division has announced an application by LS Power Associates to build and operate a coal-fired power plant in Early County, in the Southwest part of the state. According to The Citizen News, based in Edison, local economic developers have pushed for the project, which would bring 120 jobs and millions of tax dollars to the largely impoverished region. But are the jobs needed badly enough to compromise the health of citizens breathing air already polluted by a local pulp and paper mill operation?

The Georgia Sierra Club estimates the proposed plant would emit some 10 million to 15 million tons of carbon dioxide annually – the equivalent of that created by 1.5 million new cars – and 220 pounds of mercury. The Citizen News says LS Power intends to build a merchant coal plant that will wholesale power to the highest bidder.

– Partnering with Lanier Systems, Flexcar has come to Atlanta, helping members save hundreds of dollars each month in auto-related expenses. Renting cars by the hour is catching on in many cities, often in conjunction with other transit options, to address parking and congestion.

Members can reserve vehicles online or by phone; costs start around $9 an hour. There are 35 cars currently available in downtown, Midtown, Emory and Georgia Tech; each can replace up to 15 private cars. For more information, see or call 404-894-9645.

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