The 100 Most Influential Georgians

The Power Players

For the eighth year, we offer our annual listing of the state’s most powerful citizens – the 100 Most Influential Georgians, a roster of individuals who wield influence in business, government, politics, public policy, education, the judiciary and other areas that impact every aspect of every Georgian’s daily life.

Some of the 2006 power players’ names are familiar, well known to anyone who picks up a newspaper or tunes in to the evening news. These are the individuals who exercise their power in a mostly public fashion. Other names are less familiar, representing individuals whose positions – or temperaments – require or allow them to operate behind the scenes, away from the limelight. The list was compiled by the editorial staff of Georgia Trend.

Many of this year’s names have appeared on previous listings; others are newcomers to the list – and to their positions of power and influence. The makeup of the list from year to year represents the editors’ view of the continual shifting and changing of power and influence in the state.

This year’s roster includes names of 34 Georgians who were not on last year’s list. Only nine of the 2006 listees are women, compared to 16 last year. Seventeen of this year’s Most Influential Georgians are people of color; last year there were 15.

Our list of 75 Notable Georgians includes those also poised to exert influence in the coming year. Individual profiles were written by Jerry Grillo, Patty Rasmussen, Bobby Nesbitt, Ray Glier, Katheryn Hayes Tucker, Terrell Johnson and Susan Percy.

2006 Most Influential Georgians:

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