Haralson County: The Fiber Footprint

The irony of a telecom company kicking off GeorgiaWest Technology/Business Park is a great indication of Haralson’s offbeat ability to conquer the odds, considering the industry’s boom went bust at the turn of the millennium.

“In 2001, we went from show pony to dog,” is how SynchroNet, Inc. President and CEO Kyle Williamson puts it.

But those companies that survived have thrived. SynchroNet, a telecommunications engineering, furnishing and installation company, and its subsidiary Sync Global have expanded from West Georgia to a fiber backbone reaching Atlanta and Chattanooga since forming in 1999. Currently, the “fiber footprint” is expanding about 8 miles a week.

Municipalities, education, health care and financial institutions are SynchroNet’s key market, but it also hopes to serve Honda and attract a cluster of tech companies to GeorgiaWest with its fiber service. “Google, which recently located in Douglasville, is a good example of the kind of tenant we will draw,” Williamson says. “Lots of data centers could locate [in GeorgiaWest].”

Not bad, considering that in 1999, “it was inconceivable to bring Kyle out there,” says Development Authority Director Joan Young. “There was no fiber, no space. Now, there’s nothing like it in Georgia – the fiber runs along the rail lines, so it’s protected. We’ve overcome the digital divide to create a Class A business environment.”

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