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Organizations: TurningPoint Women’s Healthcare

Candace Dyer focuses on TurningPoint Women’s Healthcare, offering rehabilitation and physical therapy for women with breast cancer.

June 2013

Organizations: Brain Tumor Foundation For Children

Candice Dyer spotlights the Brain Tumor Foundation For Children, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that focuses on pediatric patients and their families

May 2013

Organizations: The Mighty Eighth

Candice Dyer highlights the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler.

April 2013

Organizations: Statewide Independent Living Council

Candice Dyer highlights the Statewide Independent Living Council.

March 2013

Organizations: Park Pride

Candice Dyer puts the spotlight on nonprofit Park Pride, which works with “Friends” groups to support public parks.

February 2013

Organizations: ToolBank USA

Candice Dyer looks at the nonprofit ToolBank USA headquartered in Atlanta.

January 2013

Organizations: Going Deep

Candice Dyer checks in with Deep, a Savannah nonprofit that combats illiteracy and encourages self-expression.

December 2012

Organizations: Lumpkin Coalition

Candice Dyer checks in with the nonprofit Lumpkin Coalition, which is working to protect the state’s hemlock trees.

November 2012

Organizations: Go, Eat, Give

Candice Dyer focuses on a nonprofit called “Go, Eat, Give,” which arranges vacations that combine volunteering with cooking instruction.

October 2012

Organizations: Community Health Works

Candice Dyer focuses on the Macon-based Community Health Works, a coalition of medical, community and education leaders.

September 2012
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