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Georgia Coaches Association

Look at any number of business executives who have achieved significant success in their careers, and you're likely to find people who have relied on more than just their own instincts and training. Often, they're turning to the services of a professional coach to help them reach their goals and aspirations.

December 2005


Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials

November 2005
A Place At The Table

A Place At The Table

The Georgia Legal Services Program offers help to low income citizens

June 2004


The Salvation Army just received the most generous philanthropic gift ever made. So why is it still raising money?

May 2004

Spreading Roots

Keeping the city green and healthy.

April 2004

Demographics And Spirituality

Founders of a new Catholic college hope to fill a need

March 2004

Self-Help, Self-Sufficiency

After 70 years, the Atlanta Business League is still on track.

February 2004

The Message of School Reform

The Georgia School Council encourages local involvement.

January 2004
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