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Georgia View: The Sunday Booze Blues

Larger turnout elections with more independent and fewer socially conservative voters seem to be a safer bet for winning on the Sunday alcohol sales issue.

November 2011
Georgia View: A Real Smart Deal

Georgia View: A Real Smart Deal

Gov. Nathan Deal is hoping to blend federal Head Start dollars and Georgia Pre-K money to come up with a consolidated program for three and four year olds.

October 2011

Georgia View: The Fight For The 14th

July 2011

Georgia View: Hope And The Democrats

June 2011

Georgia View: Careful What You Ask For

May 2011

Georgia View: High-Speed Fantasy

April 2011

Georgia View: Betting On Hope

March 2011

Georgia View: Whither Georgia Democrats?

February 2011

Georgia View: Sonny Perdue's Non-Legacy

January 2011

Georgia View: The Real Politics Of Green

December 2010
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