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Trendsetters: Clean-up Company

Spaulding Decon takes care of the aftermath of crime scenes in Georgia.

March 2017

Trendsetters: Stitching The Future

SoftWear Automation could end up revolutionizing the world’s garment industry with its automated sewing machines.

February 2017

Trendsetters: International Access, Deep Local Roots

Dentons US is the only global law firm in Georgia and reaches every state through its Dentons 50 network.

January 2017

Trendsetters: Making Art Work

DK Gallery helps businesses cultivate original art for their offices.

December 2016

Trendsetters:A Whole New World

TRICK 3D creates virtual spaces for both film and corporate clients.

November 2016

Trendsetters: What’s Brewing Near You?

Get a taste of more than 40 breweries and brewpubs in Georgia.

October 2016

Trendsetters: Goats For Hire

Get Your Goat Rentals offers an environmentally friendly – and fun – alternative for clearing land.

September 2016

Trendsetters: A Family Tradition

August 2016

Trendsetters: Creative Developments

Goat Farm Arts Center encourages more visionary spaces in Atlanta.

July 2016

Trendsetters: The Forest and the Trees

TreeZero makes paper using recycled sugarcane waste.

June 2016
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