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River Deep, Mountain High

We Georgians have the world in a state. This northwestern corner, along the winding two-lane called Plum Nelly (for plum out of Georgia and nelly into Alabama), is a cloud-misted tip of the Appalachians, which slopes downward into Atlanta's lush Piedmont, and all the way to sea level at Savannah.

March 2003

One Singular Sensation

It's a quiet, homey street, except for the swarm of valet parking near a squat structure with a purple neon panel. The former residential loft sports a ranch house-style picture window in front, revealing a troop of bandanna-wearing chefs madly whisking and sauteeing.

February 2003

Harold's Barbecue Vision

Who could have guessed, when Harold's Barbecue opened in 1947, the Hembrees' family concern would outlast such ironclad traditions as the Talmadge dynasty and Rich's Magnolia Tearoom?

January 2003

The Spirit Of Christmas Present

The Ritz-Carlton's Dining Room is our choice for enabling the fantasy of a perfect holiday dinner, one in which sumptuous surroundings cosset you, like a gem in the satin folds of a Faberge egg. It's a leisurely repast that begins as you walk through the lobby, as Christmasy as the set of The Nutcracker Suite.

December 2002

Oscar's Red Carpet Treatment

If you had a list of don'ts for a successful restaurant, you could just about describe Oscar's. Wildly innovative concept in a moribund location? Lunch that differs dramatically from dinner? A fresh, contemporary design next to... a wig shop? Check, check and check.

October 2002

Pine Mountain's Greatest Hit

No wonder the lowly cricket is the esteemed mascot of this humble, homestyle restaurant in lush Pine Mountain: At dusk, the little critters commence a cheerful, ringing chorale that reaches a late-night crescendo.

September 2002

Buckhead Diner: Power Point

Landmark restaurants like the Buckhead Diner always prompt happy memories of previous visits. Like a young star who achieves fame with his first movie, the place crackled with excitement from the day it opened in 1987.

August 2002
The Man With The Golden Arm

The Man With The Golden Arm

Georgia Tech has had its share of great quarterbacks —- Billy Lothridge, Frank Broyles, Wade Mitchell, Kim King and Joe Hamilton —- but none was greater than Darrell Crawford out of Kingsport, Tenn.

August 2002

Nino's: One True Thing

Dark and comforting as a womb, the old-fashioned neighborhood trattoria with incredibly good, authentically Italian food is such an irresistible notion that it's a kind of cinematic stereotype, in everything from The Big Night to "The Sopranos." You need only hear the words "chianti" and "checked tablecloth," and you're off and salivating.

July 2002
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