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Mountain Time

The drive from Atlanta to the north Georgia mountains is just long enough to tire you a little. In the surprisingly short distance it takes for roads to narrow from expressways to four-lanes to slender blacktops threading through tree-shaded tunnels, you start to yearn to stretch your legs a little in this thin, refrigerated air.

October 2003

Power Breakfasts: More Than OK

If an army marches on its stomach, Atlanta business must ka-ching along on breakfast. Not the business lunch, nor even the lavish, expense-account dinner can compete with the kind of every-morning commerce ritual that gets your blood moving and your brain thinking about money.

September 2003

Georges' Beach Music

Once upon a time, Tybee Island was just a sleepy little beach for Savannahians. Only a few hardy souls lived there year-round, gathering around the Breakfast Club's sizzling grill on winter mornings as if it were a pot-bellied stove in Maine.

August 2003

Woodbridge Inn: Continental Shift

Every job has its pitfalls. And it doesn't take long to learn the related code words: For real estate, perhaps it's a "unique opportunity." (Translation: "Snakebit location.") For sales, it's "creative financing." ("Bankrupt customer.") And for restaurant critics? "Continental menu," "Oktoberfest" and "charming inn" all set off flashing yellow caution lights.

July 2003

Tamarind Thai Cuisine: Pod People

It's Saturday night, and Tamarind Thai Cuisine is jumping: Even at 9 p.m., there's still a wait for walk-ins, but our reservation clears a path past the framed photos of guests like Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh.

June 2003

Both Oars in the Water

I've always wondered why Atlanta doesn't fully exploit its potential as a riverfront town. Other cities have bars and restaurants right on the banks of its lazy streams and rushing rivers; yet, despite the Chattahoochee's bucolic setting, few restaurants offer a perch to contemplate the swirls and eddies.

May 2003

Buckhead Comfort Zone

>If you live nearby, the Blue Ridge Grill is simply a neighborhood hangout. But when those neighbors include the governor, one of the richest women in the country (Anne Cox Chambers), and varied denizens of Atlanta's well-heeled Tuxedo Road, you begin to understand that the perfume curling through the parking lot is a heady mix of hickory smoke and noblesse oblige.

April 2003

River Deep, Mountain High

We Georgians have the world in a state. This northwestern corner, along the winding two-lane called Plum Nelly (for plum out of Georgia and nelly into Alabama), is a cloud-misted tip of the Appalachians, which slopes downward into Atlanta's lush Piedmont, and all the way to sea level at Savannah.

March 2003

One Singular Sensation

It's a quiet, homey street, except for the swarm of valet parking near a squat structure with a purple neon panel. The former residential loft sports a ranch house-style picture window in front, revealing a troop of bandanna-wearing chefs madly whisking and sauteeing.

February 2003

Harold's Barbecue Vision

Who could have guessed, when Harold's Barbecue opened in 1947, the Hembrees' family concern would outlast such ironclad traditions as the Talmadge dynasty and Rich's Magnolia Tearoom?

January 2003
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