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Art Of The Meal

Art Of The Meal

It’s a crowd-pleaser, with seriously good food and an inviting atmosphere.

February 2007
January 2007 Art of the Meal

January 2007 Art of the Meal

Chef/Owner Michele Jemison brings a Southwest flair to cuisine at The Red Door.

January 2007
Canoe: Familiar And Brand-New

Canoe: Familiar And Brand-New

Chef Carvel Grant Gould's menu offers seasonal specials with seafood and game, often ingeniously paired with unexpected vegetables and garnishes.

December 2006

5 Seasons Brewing: Beer Here

So, you’re all grown up now, a successful professional with the tastes to match. But even if you can afford the champagne budget, you still like to indulge your beer taste.

October 2006
Cafe Society

Cafe Society

Atlanta restaurants join the nation's best with celebrity chefs, world-class ingredients, stratospheric ambition - and prices to match.

April 2006

Table 1280

So, have you been to the new aquarium? No, not the giant fish tank across from Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park - Midtown's new aquarium, at the Woodruff Arts Center.Table 1280, the elegant restaurant designed by Renzo Piano, is not so much a bar and dining room as a habitat. Viewed from the outside, its huge, incandescent glass rectangles swim with beautifully languid diners.

March 2006

Gottlieb's Restaurant and Dessert Bar

In the comic strip "Mutts," the two faithful dog-and-cat pals are forever enthralled with an appropriately named butcher shop: The Fatty Snax Deli. They hang on the gruff proprietor's every muscle twitch, hoping against hope that some small tidbit - a crisp exterior trimming, a sausage link - might be tossed their way.

February 2006

Piebar Pizza And Pizzazz

First, a warning: If you are a serious traditionalist, and you think pizza ought to be a dough circle with cheese and sausage, you're not going to like Piebar.

January 2006

Tasting the Wines

It wasn't Judgment at Paris. At that historic 1976 event, subject of a recent book by the same name, the most revered French critics blind-tasted the most famed French wines against upstart California labels - and to everyone's astonishment, the California wines won. The wine world was never the same.

December 2005

D. Morgan's: Confit Comes To Cartersville

Score another point for small-town resurgence: In downtown Cartersville, chef/co-owner Derek Morgan has (with the help of his contractor father) gutted and rehabbed a former furniture store to open a restaurant that seems out of place only until you go there.

October 2005
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